The Northern Alberta Youth Leadership Project (NAYLP) was formed to coordinate Toastmasters in Edmonton and surrounding communities with Youth Leadership Program requests.

In March 2009 a group of Toastmasters from the Greater Edmonton area, experienced in the delivery of Toastmasters’ Youth Leadership Program, came together to form the Northern Alberta Youth Leadership Project. Each member is a passionate advocate for the Youth Leadership Program, compelled with a desire to spread the joy they experienced while delivering it to youth in the Edmonton, build the confidence and communication skills of our young people and to promote the value of  Toastmasters to the broader community.

The Toastmaster Youth Leadership program is designed to develop the speaking and leadership skills of young people.  By developing these skills, young people will be better prepared to meet the demands and challenges of today’s world.

Toastmasters requires that YLP courses be delivered at no charge for  students.